Jun 16 2010

Why doesn’t my pug puppy pee and poop on the SAME spot? What can I do?

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Question by kanunesbr: Why doesn’t my pug puppy pee and poop on the SAME spot? What can I do?
After 3 months of long days of intense observation, lots of patience and dedication, I finally got my lovely 5 months old pug puppy to pee on the place I wanted her to, inside the house. We don’t have a yard, and even tough I take her for daily walks, these are not on a fixed time, so I am fine with her “going” inside”, as long as it is on this particular spot. Ok, but now I have a problem… she does go there to pee every time, but to poop (which she never does at the same time as peeing by the way; inside or outside the house), she looks for a different spot, which is not ok with me. The thing is… The times I see her circling around and sniffing the floor, I always take (or better, “took” – now she goes by herself) to the pad in the toilet (her spot). And she pee there. But if what she wants to do is poop, either she’ll do it anyway, in movement while I’m carrying her in my arms, or if she can hold it, when we get to the pad, she won’t do it… And if I don’t watch her for short time, I’ll find poop in a different place in the house… Basically, she doesn’t seem to like to pee AND poop on the SAME place! Is this normal? We’re moving to a new flat next week, and I want to avoid as much as possible, any accidents that will leave “scent marks”, to have a fresh beginning for her, to only do in the pads. I have not crate trained her, but kept her in one room, and the peeing worked just fine, as I said before… Why am I having trouble only with her pooping? Even when we are outside, if she pees somewhere, it’ll take at least 2 blocks for her to poop, when we walk outside after a meal.. Which are, by the way, on a schedule. I should know by now the times she needs to poop, but it is still not so “time- fixed”… And again, the problem is that she does while I’m carrying her, anyway… or hold it until I am not watching, so she can go do it somewhere else… And just for info, I gave her the same exact treatment (praise/treats) every time, for both pee and poop… I never shouted at her for pooping etc, so she shouldn’t be traumatized or anything….Will I need to keep 2 places in the house , one for peeing, and one for pooping?
for this person who answered first, and for whoever feels like writing nonsense things.. I’m the best owner my lovely puppy could ask for. I do take her out for at least one walk a day. I give her all my love, attention, without losing my position as the leader, and giving her limits, as well as physical and mental challenges, through games and activities we do together every single day. I know that my question text got very long, but if you don’t have the time or bother to read it all, please do me a favor and save my time and yours and don’t bother to answer at all. I shouldn’t have bothered to even give you an explanation, but comments like yours are exactly what’s wrong here. I come here to hear, learn, exchange experiences, tips, with intelligent, reasonable people, who, just like me, love their dogs and want to their best for them, within their conditions. I live in a huge flat, and she has a lot of space. And, again, every single day, I take my puppy out for at LEAST one walk.

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Answer by sianniistarbuck
wash your carpet where it is doing it business
put some newspaper down and take your pooch out for regular walks

your pooch shouldnt be pooping in your house anyway
use your yard or take your dog out!

if you cant do that then your not a good enough owner

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  1. claire1332on 16 Jun 2010 at 2:20 pm

    It’s all very strange that dogs are like that: a lot don’t like to pee and poop in the same place. If they go outside, they usually walk a little bit before pooping in a different spot. Even some cats are the same: some prefer a litter box specifically for pooping, and another for peeing. Who knows why? Does the dog always poop in the same spot at your apartment? If so it may all be about scent and location. But you mentioned you’re moving soon: sometimes an animal expresses its anger or stress with a situation (it always amazes me how perceptive they are!) by pooping in a place where you will be sure to find it. If this has always been going on, then that’s probably not it.

    Kennel training is easy after a while. Since you’ve got a small dog, as I assume, it should be smart enough to catch on to “kennel up” quickly. Lots of people I know have little dogs that stay in those folding, spacious kennels with metal mesh (you know what I”m referring to?). They really like it in there because my friends put in a puppy pad, their food and water, and toys and treats that they enjoy.

    But I do have to agree with the previous answerer in a way, even though I agree they went about it rudely. it would be easier on you, not just the dog, to try to train it to go outside. Puppy pads are wonderful things, but they are originally for training. They don’t completely housebreak a dog. Try staying in one area outside and just playing with the dog for a while. Usually the activity will make a dog comfortable enough to want to go poop. I don’t know why, but it always works for me if I have a dog that doesn’t like to poop outside (especially when it’s cold out!). But sometimes taking a dog outside to go to the bathroom just isn’t an option, so it’s understandable if you can’t do that.

    I think you seem like a very good and responsible dog owner that knows how to be a pack leader, which is the best thing for your pet. I hope any of my tips will help, and I’m sure you will find an answer to your issue one way or another anyway. Good luck!

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