Nov 24 2010

Where can I find a Persian, Himalayan or Chinchilla cat that is the old -fashioned pug faced-the snooty….?

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by Venu Dharmaji (Busy and less time!)

Question by D.M.: Where can I find a Persian, Himalayan or Chinchilla cat that is the old -fashioned pug faced-the snooty….?
or slightly mad looking ones? Online I’ve seen only the original “doll faced” and the ultra modern one that appears to have its nose level equal with its eyes-this one has a pug face with its nose below its eyes and with a “scowl” or “snooty” look on its face that looks very cute to me….is anyone still breeding this type?

Here’s an example I found….

OK-I have lots of kitty experience with other breeds, and know about the Persian brushing requirements. I want the kind that looks like it has a furrowed brow, like a “grumpy” look. This look was in vogue in the 70′s and the only look shown in cat books-I can’t seem to find it now.

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Answer by Blue Diamond
Beware that a Persian with a lot of break in its nose can have breathing problems. Perhaps for a pet getting one with no quite as much break? Chinchilla is a color for a Persian and a Himalayan refers to a Persian that has points (various colors) like a Siamese does. If you aren’t prepared to spend a lot of time combing the cat, don’t get a Persian. You might consider an Exotic instead. It’s a cross between an American Shorthair and a Persian I believe, and it now its own breed (Exotic). They have the “pushed in” nose of the Persian.

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  1. Café Mocha Valenciaon 24 Nov 2010 at 2:52 am

    Actually the one you linked to is considered a “doll face” one. Reputable breeders don’t breed doll face Persians since that’s not the breed standard – backyard breeders are where they come from.

    A true show quality Persian will have it eyes perfectly in line with it’s nose. A “pet quality” pedigreed Persians is more of what you’re describing. You can buy one from a reputable breeder for probably $ 600-$ 800. Reputable is the key when it comes to Persians. They’re prone to PKD – Polycystic Kidney Disease – an early onset form of kidney disease. Good breeders test for this and never breed PKD+ animals, while bad breeders don’t. Which means you could end up with a cat that goes into renal failure and dies as young as four years old.

    Since you’re already looking on Petfinders why not adopt one? Do you realize how much work a Persian is? They need to be combed – not brushed – at least every day ALL YEAR LONG to prevent matting. This is the reason why so many end up at shelters. People buy them on a whim then once they realize how much work they require either dump them at a shelter or simply toss them out on the streets.

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